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Track Name: Annihilation
I decide whether you live or die, my judgement's clear and I've made up my mind.
Balance will be restored, so die in peace, and rest no more.
Rest no more.
Suffer me.
Track Name: Exiled
I'm at the depths of the abyss.
A prisoner in my own mind.

There is no justice here, it died with this accusation.
Justice is dead.

My name is all I have so I'll fight for the truth.

How much do you think I'll take before it's over and I break.

What do I do where do I turn, there is no justice in this world.
Cast me out.
Track Name: Path of Sanity
You rely on the hope that you're blessed because you're weak.
Accept your fate.

You wait to live as if the hourglass can be turned.
Take this threat and understand it's a promise that everyone will keep.
One chance to not be a waste of a human life, and you spit in its face.

And as your body decays only grief will replace what you've lost.
You'll rue the day that you walked from the path of sanity.

Your god does not watch over me.
So if you wanna play the victim, I'll fucking make you one.

No judgement.
No fear.
Track Name: Commanded to Slay
I see from the grave.
I live from the tomb.
But its walls do not keep me.

Only there in spirit so I can rain hell.

Follow me to the tomb and your dreams will come true.
You must go, I must stay, the grave has commanded me to slay.
So I shall slay.

Only one can be first why can't you see, that I'll fight to the death until it's me.
Nothing is over till I see you bleed.
Track Name: Absolute Power
Single file to the fire, the so called judges become the judged.
No one ever saw this coming, not even your all knowing self.
It came from the sky, it came to kill.
You have been commanded now fulfil, your destiny.

To the fire, or be torn apart.

Your prophecies have been laid to waste.
The machine has spoken and it has said, this is for the best, this is progress.

Let your burden be taken, take the life from your eyes.
Ash is what you'll become, and nothing can be done.

There will be no trial.
Absolute power.